Monday, 4 May 2009

Wedding Bells

Right after Easter, wedding season starts in Greece. I know that a lot of people fantacise about having their wedding in Greece. We are currently looking forward to a customer's wedding on a nearby island. The feast is going to be on a Greek/Swedish theme, as the groom is from Sweden, and they shall both live in that lovely country of living mengods. Parenthesis: when I was at school almost all of my female coleagues were fantasizing about getting married to a golden haired, blue eyed demi-God from Sweden. And that wasn't as far back as the Abba years! I, on the other hand, was hearing the calling of the land, and in time, after drawing a circle around Europe, made it to Greece, and got married to the darker variety that one finds in Barbara Cartland litterature. Not bad, I love Barbara, God bless her soul.

Anyway, because the wedding season is upon us decorators and those yet unmarried or soon to be married people out there, I thought I'd share some Greek resources, in case someone you know, or yourself, dear reader, think of travelling to the land of honeymoons, spectacular sunsets and fragrant nights.

I shall be posting about the fashions, the venues, the places, and some wedding planners you might want to contact. And of course some of the most glamorous Greek weddings you've ever seen.

What says thou? I hope to see you soon.

The venue is here at the Happy Turtle, on Thursdays. So make it a date!

(Photo credit: this coming Thursday)

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