Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Her red sofa

This morning I received the following phone call:

-Could you please tell me, I have a set of red sofas in my living room. What color curtains must I buy?

-(Me , after a breif thought, as in "who is this/ what is this about?) Well, it depends on your room's style, your lifestyle and the style of your furniture. What kind of fabric have you used for your furniture?


-You may use floral prints or checks if you are a fter a country look. Or beige or ecru plains in linen or linen/cotton blend.

-No white, then?

-No, not I'd say.

-Or red?

-No, unless your sofas are red velvet and you want to make red velvet curtains, which could be quite regal with some golden accents on your pillows (thinking of Napoleon's bees, here!)

-What time do you close today?

-3 p.m.

-And you open at?..

-5.30 p.m.



-all right. Bye.

Let's see what comes out of that!

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