Thursday, 1 October 2009

In favor of beautiful indy packaging

In the past few years I have discovered Etsy and I have grown fond of the shopping experience it offers. It is not just the variety of the products. I have often posted about Etsy sellers in posts (click on the Etsy tag to see them).It's the originality. The personality of each artist. It is also the gentle personal touch that everyone of them has privided me with along the way.
I shall soon share with you some of my purchases of the past year. Meanwhile, and speaking of  "the personal touch" I am sharing an article explaining how a little something goes a long way. A very long way, indeed.
Let's face it: we are spoilt as consumers. There is always the so and so per cent extra whether you buy cola or an expensive piece of cosmetology. When I shop from an individual I do not expect her to hand me free products because as a retailer I know that every penny counts. However, in my shop I do offer my customers a free cotton bag, and depending on the exchange, a bottle of wine, or a jar of hand processed sea salt.
So when I shop from an Etsy seller, I love receiving a little Thank You note, a nice card, and, if possible, a little extra such as a gift tag that I may use or choose to place on my notice board to bring a smile on my face and remind me of the nice person who sent it along with their/my goods.

So if you are an Etsy retailer, do consider my opinion and the advice of  Danielle Thompson. She blogs at the wonderfully inspiring Thompson Family Life and runs the super cute Kitchy Digitals. I have shopped from her, by the way, and I do recommend her products and service. Read more in this Etsy article by Danielle.

Have a beautiful, creative weekend.

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