Friday, 20 November 2009

Je veux :crochet:

I don't know how to. But I love it. I love seeing it. I fantasize about touching it. Cudling with my loved ones in it. Warm colors. Vibrant colors. Pastel colors. All the women I knew who could crochet thought it was not necessary for me to learn, that it was not worthy a task. Silly thinking.

(From Posy and Attic 24)

Think of it that way: What will you do if you get old and your vision fails you? Crochet, of course! (Plus the classics in audio books, classic music~start to finish and the Bible in mp3 or 4 or 8!)
Never mind. You know and I love seeing your work! Keep it up and enjoy!

(From The Purl Bee)

N.B. Perhaps I could learn, following this post and this post?


helle - said...

Lovely handmade crochetwork you´re showing today, really cosy to have around such a blanket!

Hugs Helle

corine said...

Ah the world of crochet lovers. It is separated in two castes: those who do, and those who blog about it. I'm in category #2.

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