Thursday, 14 January 2010

Yoga with Cath Kidston

Do you know the feeling when you are in love with someone and you feel like their faces are popping up  in the faces of strangers? I had one such moment yesterday. I stayed at home to pull things together after our recent trip to Athens. I did deserve a break which I put to good use leafing through a couple of new books.

One is  Bringing Home the Birkin: My Life in Hot Pursuit of the World's Most Coveted Handbag, what promises to be unputdownable fun, and the other Yoga for Real Life: The Kundalini Method by Maya Fiennes. I am currently reading Paulo Coelho's Warrior of the Light: A Manual, (seen at the back), a Christmas present to my husband that I am picking on. The surprise came from Ms. Fiennes' book.

I have practiced for a while with her DVD  Kundalini Yoga - to Detox and De-stress. The routine is rejuvenating, even exhilarating. I so look forward to putting aside a couple of mornings every week to do it. In fact I look forward to going back to my morning yoga practice every day. Do try it, it works wonders for my mood, and so I wanted to read some more on her view. Anyway, the Fiennes book is a great book with wonderful photography by David Loftus *husband to the divine India Hicks. And there, among its pages, look what I found:


Among the inspiring stanzas and the oms, here it was, an ironing board cover by no other than dearest Cath Kidston.Oh sweet seendipity of our every day loves!

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