Thursday, 4 February 2010

Athens Design Walk 2010

5, 6 & 7 February 2010
Friday 18:00–22:00 - Saturday & Sunday 12:00–19:00


13 Graphic Design Studios resolve 13 contradictory elements within the creative process.

The walk takes place in the vibrant area of the city, next to the Acropolis, leading the visitor between cult shops and hip bars to discover works by award-winning graphic designers, in one of the most inspiring neighbourhoods in Europe, where ancient Greece, West, East, yesterday and tomorrow meet. For the 2010 walk, double decker, the London-based curating agency, is challenging 13 Graphic Design Studios to create a piece of work inspired by the contradictions / oppositions with which every designer has to deal, and which arise from fundamental questions in design methodology. The resulting exhibition, POLES APART, will give a unique visual insight into the creative process – as well as its curious contradictions.

Participating designers will create a piece of work based on the following dichotomies:

1. Void vs. fullness

2. Noise vs. silence

3. Beauty vs. Ugliness

4. Interesting vs. boring

5. Thin vs. bold

6. Word vs. image

7. Symbolic vs. literal

8. Landscape vs. portrait

9. Positive vs. negative

10. Anarchy vs. order

11. Digital vs. analogue

12. Foreground vs. background

13. Original vs. copy

Instead of settling for just one side of the dichotomy, the designers will incorporate both into their work and use them as creative fuel, with no restrictions on medium or scale.

Take a look at the Design Walk 2010 website here with interesting posts on Design Walk 2007/8/9, too. The stimulating Flickr group can be found here.

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