Tuesday, 30 March 2010

My kitchen

Hello! We are moving into Spring, and the house is getting some lovely light. Come along. Today I am inviting you to the most intimate part of a home, in my mind: The Kitchen.

The curtain is from Gudrun Sjoden. The cabinets from Spagnol. Decorative veggies from a greek vacation.

Close up of my favorite kitchen gadget. Both sides! That silver heart from Cox and Cox is part of our Christmas decoration, but was too beautiful to keep in the box till next Christmas, so this heart stays with me in the kitchen!

The kitchen at night, viewed from the stairs. This is what I see when I come to the kitchen to get a glass of water or a forgotten pair of reading glasses. I love this moment of peace. Of plain OK.  Do you have a special moment in the day when everything is peaceful and where it should be?

Talk to you soon!

love, Irene


Iphigenia said...

It's very lovely. : )

helle - pirettehuset.dk said...

You have a lovely kitchen, Irene, looks so cosy!

Wishing you a wonderful easter!


Irene said...

Thank you, Iphigenia.YOU are lovely.
Hello Helle, yes, this is a cosy house and I am mother hen! A Happy Easter to you , too!

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