Thursday, 15 April 2010

An unexpected trip down memory lane

We people are funny creatures. A passing sighting, a perfume, a picture are enough to send us on a trip down memory lane. This afternoon I happened upon a post on the auctionning of Mrs. Charles Wrightsman furniture collection (Read full post here). I saw this bergere. And I remembered...
My mom's living room. 
It is the month of December and all is set for our Christmas celebrations. Both in my maternal family and in my own family everyone has a nameday or birthday during Christmastime. 
In the summer the 2 bergeres, the two smaller armchairs and the grand sofa were covered in chintz with the same colour background and clusters of pink roses. The heavy velvet curtains with pelmets were removed and silk ones were put in their place over diaphanous off-white ones. 
But my favorite time was siting on the plush green velvet, gazing at the delicate gilded carving. 
What brings back memories to you?

love, Irene

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