Sunday, 25 April 2010

Vacation in Greece

Welcome to the Happy Turtle!

So glad you are joining us on our croisiere around our beautiful Globe. This is such a great idea and I am thrilled to be joining Designing DNA for the vacation.

And welcome to Greece, the Eastern frontier of Europe.

Breathe in the fresh air as we drive through the beautiful countryside.

 Let yourselves appreciate the sparkling blue of the waters.

Pick your hotel room. They have all been furnished with matresses, bed linen and furniture from the company my husband and myself work for. So rest assured that you will enjoy your rest.


There. Take a moment to relax, pampering yourdelves with naural Greek cosmetics and make up.


Now that you are all ready, would you like a light vegetable lunch?

Green beans in tomato sauce

Ready? Let's pop outside. It's Spring in this part of the world. The weather is mild and the air fragrant.

There are some great spots you may want to visit. The Acropolis is a unique historican and spiritual place to visit, and the exhibits at the new Acropolis Musum are just amazing.

There is currently an exhibition at the National Gallery with architectural plans by Ernst Ziller who graced many Greek cities with his neoclassical buildings.

In my favorite Museum there is currently an exhibition on clothes across time. "To dress", at the Benaki Museum.

Would you like to go souvenit shopping, now? I think I have just the thing for you.

I suggest some special souvenirs, like these stylish column shaped weights, and this granny-chic i-pod case.
 Perhaps you would also like a serious girly treat for yourselves or a friend.

Vassili Zoulias

Lito~Cabinet de Curiosites

Tea or coffee? Sit back and watch the world go round.

As we people watch, shall we leaf through the 10th anniversary issue of Vogue-Hellas?

 These are some lovely Greek homes from its sister publication, House and Garden.

Our company was also featured in House and Garden Greece.

 It's getting late. Shall we walk some more before dinner?

 Look, here sings one of my favorite singers.Come on in.

There is so much more I want to show you. I hope you'll visit again soon. Meanwhile click here to join my Spring giveaway. 
And while we set sail for the next stop of the cruise, let's dance to something more familiar, accompanied with great 'vintage' views of Athens.

See you soon!
love, Irene


Herself said...

Irene, Dear,

How fabulous to be in Greece with you!

I have never seen such beautiful colors! And the food! Well. What can I say? It's divine.

The jewelry and fashion and historical sights are simply stunning. I'm going to have to come and stay longer!

Thank you for being such a wonderful hostess!

Anonymous said...

Greek VOGUE? OMG, I am droooooooling!!
Great post! THAVMA!!! I wonder if I can find it in the states?? The hunt is on! xox MBM

Mary said...

Greece looks like such a beautiful country! Hope to get there someday!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

THIS IS OUTRAGEOUSLY FABULOUS! I am so glad that I stumbled upon this magnificent tour of the world. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of modern Greece and all the sensuous treats waiting there! BON VOYAGE! Anita

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Hi Irene, thank you so so much for the lovely tour. Your images are beyond awesome!
Wishing you a great new week. xo

Megan H Carroll said...

Looks beautiful, ah where are those hotels...?

It's me said...

WAUWWWWW................Beautiful beautiful Greece..i'am gald i was here today !!

Baeutiful post !!! beautiful blog !!

Thanks for share !!!

Hugs from Ria

koralee said...

Wow... what a trip! Thank you for this today..just what I needed. Your post is amazing. I am so wanting to visit!

Diana Sh P said...

Hi Irene,
I can't explain you how happy I am to be in Greece with you! And your lovely videos... I just remember how I was dancing Sirtaki few years ago in Crete:)) I know as well I'll be back in Greece one day, not just for lazy vacation near the sea, but I wish to visit museums, historical places etc. I'm interesting so much in the deep culture of your wonderful country...

My best wishes,

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

Oh I am so glad I checked in today! I love Greece, but I have not been in many years. Some of my happiest memories are of Chios in the summertime, and Delphi, and Sounion, and Athens ... sigh ... I miss it so! Congratulations on the House and Garden feature, and the rooms you showed are fabulous!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

And I forgot - THANK you for posting the video - it is a very important cause! And where did you find those barbells? I have a friend whose name is Doric - how perfect a gift?

Jolanda said...

Thanks for this trip through Greece, I love your contry, the people, the food, the nature, the history...
We went to Kreta some times and will come to Greece in the future!
Greetings Jolanda

tracy said...

Oh how wonderful to fall back into something as enchanting as Greece...The hotels look glorious!

You Tube...Big Ben clock gone???
Interesting post.

annechovie said...

What a wonderful tour of a beautiful place, Irene! I would love to visit Greece someday and we will have to meet for coffee! xo

Denise said...

Thanks for sharing pics from the most baeutiful place in the world. I pray that I will visit some day.

Best buys