Monday, 24 May 2010

Dear friends,

As you have noticed, I have been on and off blogging for a while. Mostly off, really. It is not a matter of time. I think I need some distance from what seems like a "to do". There are piles of half written posts and photos that I keep meaning to show you, and thoughts that remain unpublished. And time spent in front of the screen that is not productive in any way. And if I do not have something to say that I can pull myself together and formulate as I want to, I'd better keep silent.

I am therefore going into a voluntary blogging silence. A retreat into living the day.

I want you to know that you are in my heart and prayers.

Thank you for your friendship and all that it means to me.

love, Irene


It's me said...

Well what a pity! Take your time! and who knows..... we see you soon again....hugs from me Ria

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vitah said...

Rest up and we look forward to your rejuvenated, fresh perspective and style once again!

Herself said...

Irene, I completely understand what you are saying and doing! Just pop by my place when you get back and let me know, will you? We'll all miss you of course, but it's not as if you're falling off the edge of the world or anything. :)
I just returned from a month of travel in which I intentionally left my computer behind. It was a good decision. Blogging can become a black hole if one is not careful.
Come by anytime for a chat.
Much Love, C

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