Saturday, 17 July 2010

The comforts of classic American

 There is something comforting about American design. Something reassuring about the flow of life, the change of seasons, the happiness and order of this world. Let's sample some of it today.

 Welcoming, peaceful, intimate places to refuel and be...

sturdy and warm

elegant and encouraging

light and bright

welcoming anytime

family friendly

cheerful and preppy
practical and fun

celebrating the great american outdoors...

by the sea


Family love ideas

Transform an empty wall into a gallery of special memories by choosing the right frames arranged in the perfect display. Experiment with these different layouts by cutting sheets of craft paper sized to your frames, and then moving them around on the wall until you achieve the effect you like.
and above all, these images of happy people enjoying the ordinary.

 Thank you, Pottery Barn.

love, Irene

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It's me said...

Hello....beautiful showed today.....wishing you a happy Ria.....

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