Monday, 20 September 2010

A new week with pink elf booties

pink baby elf booties on Etsy
Saying "hello" to the new week with a pair of Elf Booties. Aren't they the cutest?
I hope you all enjoyed the weekend. We took part in the bi-annual company confrence, met with people from across the globe, tested the new products, and with God's grace we are rolling up our sleeves for a shop renovation by next Spring :-0 Very nice, pale colours and new shelves for our products. I was kind of getting tired of the bold colours myself. I was discussing with DH on the way home, that although time is quite subjective, fashions do chnge and we can tell when a car is an old model, or a colour combination is passe. Design is an expensive business, but it does add some salt and pepper to our everyday lives!
I couldn't think of life without interior design, even inside a cave, would you? 
Have a beautiful new week,

love, Irene

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