Thursday, 25 November 2010

Chalet made by IKEA

Wooden homes have been gaining friends in Greece over the past 30 years. I remember very vividly a countryside home where we were guests when I was a child. It looked like out of a fairy tale to me.

In recent years, wooden home builders experience a renewal in styles and popularity, although I doubt they will ever outdo conventional buildings. I for one have many doubts about the materials they use to fireproof and guard the wood.

However, the appeal of a wooden home remains undiminished in my list of mountain retreats.

The house I am posting about today is situated on mount Parnassus, central Greece.
It was furnished from head to toes with IKEA products. What I like best is the use of traditional elements such as the rugs with modern furniture as in the kitchen. I like the result: light, airy and easy to live in and take care of.

I like the open, well organized entrance.
I absolutely love this rug and the cozy use of this otherwise dead space
A little too minimal for me, yet relaxing, and I am sure it gets more alive when  people move in!

The kitchen is a big success. The transparent chairs help the eye focus on the stunning red cupboards.

Hey, we have the same closet!

Love the kids' space: cheerful and grown up.
(All images: Vima Deco)

love, Irene

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sweetmango said...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the love and prayers that you sent to Stellan when he was injured.
Your messages meant the world to me. I will never forget what you did for him.
All my love

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