Friday, 12 November 2010

Friday's Fabulous Finds: Top of the crops

Hello dear friends,

Friday's Fabulous Finds is where I share with you the pictures, the posts, the findings that made it to my "save" function button.

On my list this Friday

Two books:

Decision Points by former US President George W. Bush.

Former US President Democrat Bill Clinton states:

"'Decision Points' is well-written, and interesting from start to finish. I think people of all political stripes should read it," Clinton said in a statement released Friday. "George W. Bush also gives readers a good sense of what it's like to be president, to take the responsibilities of the office seriously, do what you think is right, and let history be the judge. The book may not change the minds of those who disagree with decisions President Bush made, but it will help you to understand better the forces that molded him, and the convictions that drove him to make those decisions." {source}

With it I want to read former First Lady's Laura Bush's memoire Spoken from the Heart.
History, living history included, is a fascinating read. It excedes imagination.

Let's stay in the high echelons:

"In New York Parties: Private Views author Jamee Gregory, a philanthropist, seasoned entertainer, and contributing editor at Elle Décor, delivers a deeper look into the spectacular homes she visited in her first book New York Apartments by capturing them while at their most spectacular — when filled with elegant flower arrangements, soft lighting, the aromas of good food, and the conversation of friends." {source}

The stylish author

The book includes gorgeous parties hosted by prominent New Yorkers like  Michael Kors, Tory Burch, and Evelyn Lauder.


"Aside from the interest in interior design and lifestyle, if nothing else, these books are great documents of the time, particularly because of Jamee Gregory’s access. It’s also interesting to see how “the other half” (or more precisely the .001%) live. At least part of the time".

With Christmas coming, beautiful reading and delightful inspiration is a must!
Bon Weekend!

love, Irene


Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

I got Private Parties last month for my birthday - love it!

Irene said...

Hi Stephanie,
It does look great. Glad you enjoy it.

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