Friday, 21 January 2011

Personal Heaven in Manhattan

I was first drawn by the apparent randomness yet harmony of this room; the conversation between the rug and the bookshelves, the armchair and the bed. The drawing of the young woman and the turquoise of the chandellier. I definitively don't like the cruxified Marilyn, that I find scarey, but I suppose that picture has something to say to the owner's psyche and process of healing.

The vintage ceiling fixture is by Ettore Sottsass

 I then liked the clean, almost monastic lines of the bed. The presence of the personal "saints" above the bed. The richness of the crimson bed rug ringing in the holliness implied by the photography.

The presence of flowers, with the sunflowers popping out of the picture

A private, personal story being told in every room.
Sally Hershberger's Manhattan penthouse via Elle Decor.

love, Irene

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