Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Recycled luxe by Hermès

Environmental consciousness
Frugality of the wealthy
Entrpreneurial decisions

The new line of Hermès spells new chic and new biz!

"The home accessories and jewellery line is made up of "unidentified poetic objects" or simply put, scraps from Hermes' workshop floor (and defective products). Tea pots have been converted into jewellery hangers, leftover leather from the famous Birkins into necklaces or deer (see pics) and intriguingly, imperfect crystalware has been made into tools for exercise.
The collection is a collaboration between Pascale Mussard, company founder Thierry Hermès' great-great-great granddaughter, brand designers and other artists. The first collection went on display at Hermes' Paris store from November to December last year; the next collection will be displayed in Tokyo in May and New York and Beverly Hills in October".
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love, Irene

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