Thursday, 3 February 2011

Homes and gardens in on-line games

Hello dear friends,
Do you play any games on Facebook or your android?
I enjoy quite a few myself.
And I couldn't fail to find a touch of deco to keep me busy!

There are cozy houses with porches, attics and bbqs,

as well as impressive mansions, inhabited by the cutest gnomes.

There are beautiful gardens,

and plenty of farm animals.

and dogs to keep them safe,

some still in their Christmas best.

There are many innovative ways to make do.
For example, with a subtle touch of deco imagination, you may use your not yet blooming rice as a garden pond.

 Some put their flags up.
I like that. It gives the game a personal touch. 

                    Imperial glory

German simplicity

French cuteness

Chinese pride

And when your country's flag is not available, you have to make one!

Some have two countries to be proud of.

And for some, it just takes a village.

Whatever your choice, I hope you are very happy and amused:-0

love, Irene

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