Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Parisian dreams

These days images of Paris pop up everywhere.
It looks as if French blogs, French style, French clothes, French interiors, French recipes are everywhere I turn my eyes!

Have I told you I love flowers? I thought I did!
 via Virginia Jones Photography (just stumbled upon her blog and it is great!)

It's quite funny because, having spent my formative years in England, I have over time adopted a rather informal English countryside style at home, with an ecclectic American loft touch, that makes everyone who happens to visit with us, call our house simply "different".

Have you visited Paris Breakfasts yet? You'll fall in love, I promise you!

That's a worrying thing, "different? in what way?" I am tempted to ask. And I did.
The other night we had our next door neighbors over for dinner, and the husband who is a well travelled University professor, answered my question like this: "Well, it's a completely different concept altogether". Hmm...All I can say is that we planned our home round things we already owned, had been handed down, brought over from different houses, my in-laws, our homes, College years stuff, you get the picture. Oh and some items from our shop. And some IKEA for good measure.

Gardens. I love gardens. This is a parisian one, too!
via Just Another American in Paris (newly found, too)

Anyhow. I am surprised to have fallen in love with one particular book that I am so not ordering, because I have quite a few in line to read. (And I did get one on the post yesterday, and I am going to take pictures and let you know about it, Scout's honour!)
There is this one particular photo of a French salon that made me stop right there and gasp.

Oh-my-Goodness!  This is Perfection!

I am so not buying this book yet!

Do you like it too?
The book is called Romantic Style and it is written by Selina Lake with Sara Norman and photographed by Debi Treloar (yes, all usual suspects on my list!).

I hope you have the day of your dreams!

love, Irene


δεσποιναριον said...

Με ενθουσιασε το μπλογκ Paris Breakfasts αλλα και το ρομαντικο σου στυλ. Παρτο το βιβλιο, αυτα δεν ειναι για διαβασμα, ειναι να τα ξεφυλλιζεις, να σε παρασυρει η φαντασια σου και μετα να σηκωνεσαι ξαφνικα για να αλλαξεις θεση σε καποιο ..βαζο.

demie said...

I just love all your posts! They get me in a better mood :-) Σε Ευχαριστω που είσαι επισκέπτης στο blog μου παρόλο που είναi στα νορβηγικά. H St. Dalfour μαρμελάδα είναι Rasberry&Pomegranate. Ελπίζω να την βρεις είναι νοστιμότατη !

Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

so so so pretty - what is NOT to like?! i LOVE!

PS ... LAST DAY TO Join Custom Sign Give-Away HOPE YOU ALL WILL!

*kiss kiss*
~Tiptoe Butterfly~

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