Friday, 8 April 2011

Friday's Fabulous Finds: Cath Kidston's Royal Wedding

Among the uggly souvenirs, Cath Kidston's Royal Wedding line looks cute and chic. 
Love it!

redecorating the shop,
Running a week-long charity event (ending next Monday)
with DIY sleeping pillows.
I now look forward to 
{the end of} 
a weekend+with the in-laws. 

Eldest Daughter is on a school trip to Corfu.
Son is heading to the mountains with the Cub Scouts tomorrow.
Youngest Daughter was granted permission to see her BFF during the weekend.

Hope to catch up with y'all in the weekend.
And write about our trip
(that's called escapism!)

LOL, dear friends!

love, Irene


annechovie said...

Hope you're having a lovely and restful weekend, Irene! xo

demie said...

I dislike suvenirs but I would love to buy this one!

Best buys