Friday, 1 April 2011

Friday's Fabulous Finds (updated)

I used to write one such post every week, where I'd post the week's best finds.
i felt i needed to do it again today
What is the point of searching for beauty only to keep it stored in a computer file? 
None at all, I'm telling ya! 
Here are my week's picks

 a corridor of loved photographs and books
my one deco idea I wholeheartedly adhere to

Hold on to that thought, dear!

(I credit "mary ruffle" for this picture. can't find the link though.)

Any psychologists among you? 
I've got to go back to my one year of Psychology studies. 
Let's see.
What's the link?
a) are we to be sustained on greenery alone?
b) Best Friend and I were talking yesterday about having a greenhouse built in the place of our backyard lawns.
c)I am craving the simple pleasures

(photo via the FAB French Basketeer)

I love the colours in this photo. 
I hope to decorate our little summer flat in these colours. 
From Fifi O' Neil's Romantic Prairie Style 
(her blog Chez Fifi has set many a blog to the path of the shabby chic trend)

Next week we shall be decorating the shop for Spring. 
It's bound to be quite a show with swings and flowers and all things Spring.
I am going to use some ferns, too. 
They somehow make me feel safe and happy. Has to do with childhood memories, I think. 

And finally, a new blog that speaks to my interests,
It's written by a familiar face in Lady Blogland, Fifi Flowers. 
(Two Fifis in a post, isn't that fun?)
You've no doubt seen this lovely lady's zesty, fun artwork, already.
Check out her blog here.
Why yes, with the recession and tight finances, people will begin reading again. 
Thankfully, for me, reading has never been out of fashion. 
I have always carried a book in my bag, 
next to bed, on my desk at work, in the den, 
anywhere, really. 

Oh, I must show you my current faves one day soon!

And tell you more about the trip!

btw, Demi guessed the answer to my 
"Where am I?" post.
Well Done, Demi!

P.S. As I was signing off, I found this picture. 
Je vous souhaite un joli mois d' avril
-et ce n'est pas un poisson d' avril!- 

(picture from here)
love, Irene

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annechovie said...

These are terrific finds, Irene. Thank you! Have a great week. xo

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