Monday, 25 April 2011

Our Easter

We had the most amazing Holy Week. 
We were fed spiritually as in no other time of our lives.
We went to church on Thursday for the cruxifiction and then on Good Friday, morning and evening, and then on Saturday night for the Easter service. 
And we loved every.single.moment. 
Truth is, we absolutely needed to nurture our hearts and minds. 

At home, we spent the week baking and cooking all the traditional stuff. 
cookies from the South
cookies from the North
Early Easter Sunday soup

my men preparing the lamb
We had a soup and cookies and red painted eggs in the night, lamb and cookies and eggs for Easter Sunday.

I enjoyed playing housewife.
I managed to catch up on the laundry.
I visited all my game neighbors: Reaturant, Bakery, Fashion, City...
And read some chick lit non-stop:)

We needed the rest.
You see, we are going through one of those times in life when anything can happen. 
Or nothing at all. 
I read this blog post tonight: "When I stop laughing, I leave".
Truth is, we have stopped laughing in our business. We've put our heart and blood in the shop. But we need to figure out where it is heading, where we are heading professionally.
We need to find our pace and see how we are going to keep this family fed and clothed, even if it means scaling back {a lot} on our lifestyle. 
So, we are travelling to Athens tomorrow, to meet with some company people and talk. 
We hope and pray that things will work out not how we want or think they should be, but how God plans for us.

Χριστός Ανέστη!
He is Risen!

love, Irene


demie said...

I wish you all the luck! Aleithws anesti :)

Fifi Flowers said...

Hope you ENJOYED your holiday!

Iphigenia said...

Αληθος Ανεστη xo

Irene said...

Thanks Demi! Popping over to read about your Easter!

Irene said...

Bonjour Fifi!
It felt right, and that is so good!
Thanks for stopping by!

Stephanie said...

Beautiful! Truly He is Risen!

Vana said...


Such a good post! I needed to read this. So true!



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