Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Spring Trip to the North

Time has come to tell you some more about our trip. 
Last month, we headed to Belgium and The Netherlands, 
where the company we work with, has a number of shops.
We took the plane to Brussels, and stayed in Antwerp.

I had read that the railway station was a must-see, but I wasn't prepared for such beauty. We visited many times, day and night. Yes, it is this beautiful and majestic.

But first things first.

i) Our residence.
Head to toes furnished with company products.
We were very pleased to sleep in our most perfect beds.
I had never slept in a place fully equiped with company products, before. 
The sparseness was comforting, liberating, even, 
but I must say, it was too institutional for my tastes, so I don't think I would live in such simplicity in real life. 
(I always liked my bric-a-brac!) 

ii) The company shop

One of the conveniencies of working for an international company is that by moving to another shop, in another city, one feels instantly at home.Yap, give me this shop, and I'll run it like a feather.

iii) The city
Antwerp is a hidden gem. 
People are very calm, smiling and helpful. And they speak good English.
The architecture is heavy like a megalith at times, but there is something to please the eye in every step.

In my next post I am going to take you for a walk through the famous Antwerpen Zoo.

love, Irene


demie said...

Maresei poly o kanapes tou greek style ...anarotieme an tha borousa na "daneisto ti foto sta Paraphernalia. Me link se sena fysika. Xeretismous apo enan alliotiko vorra : )

Irene said...

Yes you can, Demie:)

Belichek said...

Beautiful pictures)))

Best buys