Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A rustic May 1st

May 1st is a day dedicated to the outdoors.

I have heard stories from both sides of our family about old Athens, when people got on horse-drawn carriages and made the trip to the outskirts of Athens, across the island of Salamis, where they'd settle in plain nature, eat and dance and joke, and made flower wreaths to hang on their doors.

 That blissful place in many Athenian people's memories now houses oil refineries. Whoever gave permission to spoil that lovely coast...
Yesterday we thought we'd go for a short drive to collect some flowers, but we ended up exploring much more.
New, wide roads make travel easier and faster, but we decided to go a bit off track and venture into the countryside.

Flowers are not abundant up here, but life is blooming in beautiful, delicate blooms.

We left the high speed and took a dirt road into the unknown.
Very much like our lives, right now!
After an upward winding drive
we happened upon what is a 16th century monastery. 
We marvelled at the century old frescoes and had the most fragrant coffee with the sole monk under a 500 year old plane tree.

Life felt just right, just where we should be.
And i don't want to forget some new animal friends:)

I think we honoured the day as we should.
Late in the evening I made this year's May wreath which now graces our front door. 

Happy May!

love, Irene


demie said...

Happy May to you too Irene!
This was a wonderful post: ) Thank you

Irene said...

Thanks, Demie! Glad you like it!!!

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