Monday, 6 June 2011

Le weekend

Sunday morning

The monastery. i think what i love most about manasteries is the inner courtyard. the gardens. the collective work. collective singing. collective praying. and the free offering. perhaps i should open a monastery. perhaps i was always meant to be a nun, but took a deviation.

Saturday evening

I mended stuff. (D) liked the lttle button I used to hide a hole on her Florence pink t-shirt.
(F) photographed some of my stuff to be put on sale this week.

Sunday afternoon

Federer (left nr.2)-Nadal (right nr.1)
watched Roland Garros
me: only the awards ceremony and high lights:
Gosh, it was only yestrerday I used to watch the whole thing after the Sunday family lunch,
only the day before i had strawberries and creme at Wimbledon.
where does time go?

watched Oliver's Twist love him for getting my girls interested on cooking.

watched Cinderella Man 

cooked a nice little dish. leftover Greek salad dressing i.e. onions and olive oil with oregano + half a chicken + lightly golden on both sides + one glass dry white wine + 1/2 pack tomato puree +let simmer some more + potatoes chopped in squares = DH says it's the best I've evrer made. Am i supposed to be happy with this? Oh well, happy-happy-happy:)

Be good. Have fun. Happy new week.

love, Irene

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