Saturday, 20 August 2011

Embroidering Dreams

Embroidery is to me the most relaxing of the womanly arts.

As a teenager, whenever I had exams time approaching,  I began an embroidery project. 
It kept my hands busy during the season, it freed my mind and filled my eyes with beauty.
 It also gave me a sense of purpose, a beginning and an end, a tangible target as I was working towards achieving my goals at school. I can surely attest that it worked pretty well. 

 Over time I began many an embroidery project, finishing some, like a lovely Cherub Angels cross stitch with my in-laws' innitials for their 40th Anniversary that takes pride of place above their bed, 
while having some sit quietly in their bags, 
like the Wedding Sampler I began for me and my husband when we first moved here, fourteen years ago. It is not coincidential I think, that one of the first things I bought as we were settling here was this embroidery. 
 This year I bought a canvas from a shop that was closing down. 
It is printed on the local traditional style. I hope to do it one day, to remind me of our years in this part of the world. Is it a coincidence? I wonder.

 I admire many women who like to embroider and do so with grace and pizzazz. 

DMC France

 DMC is my floss of choice. Athough I have also worked with Anchor but very rarely. 
I found out that DMC is doing a 3-day course in their headquarters in Mulhouse, France, this coming September. The theme will be Gardens of the 18th c. 

The course costs 750 Euros, so I don't know how many of us would afford to go. However, there is a Greek company of the Mouzakis family, who famously is the most loyal Greek tax payer, and they represent DMC in Greece. Now, if they would like to sponsor me, I tell you, I'd throw my hat and go!

love, Irene


Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

I learned how to embroider when I was younger, but thus far, I lack the patience. will you show us some of your projects?

Irene said...

I used to lack time, now that the kids are older and they can keep themselves entertained, I have to wear glasses to get the thread through the needle, lol!
Yes, I will show you, thanks for asking!

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