Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Fall in Love-The Rustic of it

 Rustic chic is everywjere I look this season.
There are clothes and there are interiors and patterns all over the place.
I really like this look. It is comfortable, artistic and feminine in an individualistic way. 

Toast is an original in village chic photography. 
I actually save their catalogues
cause they're full of visual stories that are works of art.

I like the raw simplicity of this look.

And there is more.

Lovely, loveliest for Autumn.
Get a book, a cup of tea and cozy up in there!

Rich blue armchair.
Look at those rugs. There are plenty of those in this part of Greece.
So e-mail me if you need some :)

I like yellow. It never fails to add a tone of cheer.
Oh and Liberty prints, please!

Heaven for me and DH!

Our first home in Greece was very rustic, eventhough it was in the center of Athens.
Our curtains were just like these ones. Where they are now, I cannot remember!

Just perfect

Dear Santa,

I can happily see myself in this outfit.
Very me.

This image is so feminine and the model so gracious.
Next to mothering I cannot think of a more feminine task than that of needlework.

The other day I was talking with a customer. He bought a bed and matresses from us over the last couple of years and we got to talk a little bit. He is a doctor and he came back to Greece from Belgium where he was working full time, with his wife and infant daughters. He is really pissed off and thinks of going back to Belgium, only he fears the hussle of the move just under two years after he left, and wonders if he will find a job again. "You'll never know if you don't ask", I told him. (Sometimes I wonder if I am not chasing my customers away. But I can't stand seeing people unhappy). He knew we came from Athens, but to soften his anger, I told him that I originally came over from England, where I was working part time in Adult Education and was doing research for the British Museum. "What?" he said, "why do that? Are you nuts?"  "Only as nuts as you", I'd have liked to say, but I did not :/ "I was love smitten, and wanted to start a family in my parents' land", I said. Yes, looking back it was a silly thing to do, but, if I knew then what I know now...Oh well... There. One day soon we might find refuge in our old family home, shared by three families with not the best of relationships at all times, and I may have to confine myself to a room with plenty of books and old rugs, drinking mountain tea and raising chicken. Now, if I learn to weave!..

image credits:
Top half : Toast
Bottm half: Anthropologie 

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Thank you, Heather!

love, Irene


Heather said...

Irene, thank you so much for linking up for Fall In Love. This post is so beautiful! I want to cuddle up in that little bed. :)

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

I like the rustic chic look for the home but prefer brighter clothes to wear. Hope you are doing ok in these difficult times for Greece.

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