Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Anybody home?

Oh, I know, I am the one who wasn't actually "home". 
Things are quite funny around here. 
i do not remember living anything remotely like it
and yet
there are moments that seem to be popping out of an old story book and play themselves in front of my eyes.

There are days when I feel energized and ready to fight for the life of me
and there are days
when I want to get away from the world,
spend my life as a waitress on a Greek island
or a farmer 
or just stay at home 
clean, cook and hope for the best. 

Sometimes I get the feeling that it is either this life
or my life a year ago that is/was not true.

There is a part of me 
that likes to make decisions and push ahead
there is another part of me 
who wants to stay back and ask for daddy to solve everything for me.


I remind myself to stand still and be silent in order to hear God's voice. 
But i am only human and get impatient.
I need answers, one moment, and grind my teeth,
then the next,
I sit back
and wait.

Life is good as is, I remind myself. Perhaps I needed this turn of events to lead me, to lead us to a place where we totally leave our lives to God's will, and surrender our own preconceptions and plans.
Perhaps it is a time to stand still and face the waves holding tight to each other.

And we're looking for the good things.

love, Irene


Fifi Flowers said...

YUMMY art!

demie said...

i was here earlier this morning and it didn`t look like that!!! i love it though : )
there is time for action and time to let go. you can only deside which one is now my friend

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

I hope you find the right path and that things go well for you and your family. I think at the end of your post, you hit upon the answer - hold on to one another and let Him take you where he will. We need to do whatever we can to help ourselves, and leave what is out of our hands.

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