Monday, 14 November 2011

November Days

November so far

In the garden

The maple trees have shed their leaves, golden yellow and most favorite red.
Off went tomatos, cucumbers and courgettes~
Thank you lots, see you all in a few months, sweet darlings.

The roses, encouraged by the sky's sunny disposition, produce some pretty amazing blooms.

In the spring we planted some vines.
They're tiny and I hope they will survive the winter.
I always wanted to have vines in the garden.
They remind me of my grandpa's estate in the Peloponnese...
Over the weekend we planted lettuce, sprouts and cellery.


  Cars 2  

 It's almost blasphemy, but... it's even better than #1. 
Well done, Pixar! 

 Gross, but hilarious at times. 

 Julie Walters and Maggie Smith are perennial favorites. 
And the Neville guy, ha! he's my hero!

We have been watching Harry Potter on TV for the past two weeks. 
I absolutely loved the films, and I look  forward to reading the books.


*Don't forget to use your favorite cuttlery.
I love mine, from Cath Kidston.
The sous-plat, barely seen here, but I'm sure you've noticed in previous posts :) is from French company Les Olivades that we used to stock at the shop.

Penne, cooked, then layered with mushroom, saucage and canned sauce, half tomato, in the middle, one cheese on top. 
Add grated cheese and nutmeg. I could smell of nutmeg every day.

On Sunday we cooked some veal with mushrooms in a red wine and tomato sauce.

As of November 14, St.Philip's, we are fasting for Christmas.
So, our stews will have to be vegan. Like this potato stew I cooked the other day.

You will need
potatoes, quartered
olive oil
tomato puree
a fresh tomato
a chilly pepper
a carrot, thinly sliced
bay leaves
sauté the onion.
add the potatoes.
season to taste.
add veggies and bey leaves.
cover and simmer.
serve with feta cheese.

TV snack.

First satsumas at the shop, a treat for our customers.

Mornings start earlier, with little people requesting breakfast instead of skipping it.
Here, eldest daughter, F

And here, big cat boy Patcha, with little daughter D.

And a new addition to the gang

Meet Feta, as in feta cheese. Found wandering outside our condo. 

"Come in, sweetheart, it's freezing out there".

love, Irene

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Pink Princess said...

I like the definition of November! And that penne dish is making me hungry!

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