Tuesday, 28 February 2012

New York garden love

When I first saw this garden I said, whose is this piece of paradise?
It's situated in New York,
and I love the kind of New York houses that mix
absolute urban to boarding on the countryside.
 I am so glad it belongs to one of my favorite actresses, Julianne Moore.

To me, it looks so her, sophisticated, intelligent, with the touch of a secret attraction.

I have dreamed of this kind of fountain for our home. So far we haven't found a craftsmanwho could make it, so one day I shall DIY it!

Ah this picture!
It makes me dream, it transports me right on the spot.
This, dear friends is actually a treehouse.
How original, how primitive, how secluded is that?
Absolutely dreamy to me.

Dear Julianne, 
I trully wish you enjoy your little piece of heaven in New York!

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love, Irene

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demie said...

Juliannee Moore a great actress.with a great taste!

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