Friday, 6 April 2012

Fashion Friday: Juicy colours

Fluorescent -or neon -colours are often looked as artificial. 
But a better look around will convince you otherwise...

Newton running shoes
As for chic?
I like neon in spostswear, but if Hermès does it, it can be perfectly chic.

I would happily wear these KJacques sandals

Colourful accents such as scarves, bags and shoes, and the easiest of all, nail polish,
are the best and in my point of view most chic way to follow a trend and add some zest to a basic, neutral wardrobe.


Obviously, one can do this absolutely lovely treat,
oh congrats, whoever you are!
I'd love to do it, too, and move to Paris!

Whatever you do, have fun!

love, Irene


The City Boy said...

those neon bags are ALL over nyc!

jessica said...

No doubt life is so beautiful but if we feel its colours. love all the colours of your website beautiful green bag I love customised bags and shoes of different colours.

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