Monday, 30 April 2012

Pallets as funrinture

It certainly is a sign of our times. Frugality, and a forced one at that, makes people use their resources to their best. Now, if one has a good taste and some skills to go with it, it seems almost everything is possible.

Palet crafted furniture is all the rage.
Colourful or plain, there is something for everyone in the pictures below.


I'm not fond of wall stickers, but this is by far the easiest project of all.

And I can't say for sure if I'd sit on this hanging bench, but it certainly looks impressive.


That's much closer to my tastes.
I like the raw and natural character of this room.

This is the idea I definitively like the most.
Pallets stack at different levels to create a home theater.
Whoever made this, congrtulations.
Great idea.

Contemporary romantic.

This is the image that started it all for me.
I love almost everything in the styling of this room. Apart from the headboard, probably, I'll use it in our summer house.

A shop display, perhaps?

Some shelving for the backyard?

Or even an entire garden shed. Impressive.

That's one sweet cot bed.

A book display unit.

A couch.

Pallet shelving for a rural kitchen.

And my favorite "big" idea.
A decorative dividing wall.

I hope you are inspired!

love, Irene

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Julie (Little Pink Rain Boots) said...

Great inspiration. I love seeing people decorate with pallets, there are so many creative ideas.

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