Tuesday, 15 May 2012

5 fun things to do right now

1. Play Cityville on Zynga

Irene loved the Governor's Mansion but they particularly loved the lobby area.
It looks like they may have a job as a lobbyist in their future.

Yap, that's me playing Cityville and loving it.
With the new Zynga.com website you can play without sharing your Facebook profile, if you don't want to. I like that.

2.Play Snoopy's Fair

Dear Charlie Brown,
Did you know:
This week in 1969, charlie Brown blasted off into outer space aboard Apollo 10?

I am in love with Snoopy and the gang since I was 9.
I like that the graphics are faithful to the originals, I like the clever little challenges and the generosity of the creators with the extra rewards.
Snoopy's Fair is on i-phone app store.

3.Join Pinterest

I like Pinterest because it is so easy to organize your photos. I have thousands of beautiful pictures in my hard drives. Some of them I know where they came from, some I don't. I try to keep them organized from time to time, but who needs another chore?
I also like the community. Really, Pinterest is my thing.
I'm on Pinterest here.
4. Join Tumblr

I have a soft side, a romantic side, a rebel side, and I hope you do, too.
Tumblr is about pictures but not in a utilitarian way.
Tumblr is more romantic and dreamy and I love it.
I am on Tumblr here.
5. Write to me

Has it ever crossed your mind that we can write to each other the old fashioned way?
I have had pen-pals for many years starting at High School.
Let's be pen-pals and rediscover scented papers and flowery envelopes and beautiful stickers.
Let's do a post-card exchange, a stamp swap, anything that tickles your fancy.
Hey girls, let's have some fun!
Come on!
What do you say?

love, Irene

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