Friday, 28 September 2012

FALLing back into Fall-Day 5

In the final challenge of Falling back into Fall, we are asked to link up a post we wrote on this day (September 28th) from a previous year. If you didn’t publish something on the 28th,you link up a post from that week.

I rarely look back on my posts, so that was a bittersweet challenge. Here we go:

In 2008 I posted two of my most popular posts ever, Cath Kidston in Vogue

In 2009 I wrote about quilts and the creative process 
and some incredible Etsy jewellery.

In 2010 I was showing off my Fall decoration for the shop,
 spilling the beans about a 25 % off sale at Cath Kidston, and I was getting inspired by Etsy.

In 2011 I was doing another Fall challenge. This time last year I wrote about Vintage
my favorite fall fashions from one of my favorite shops (and a little story from work), 

So that's challenge number 5 and I am linking to

 If I get in the mood I might do the other 3 parts of the Falling back into Fall challenge. 
I want to say that it is sooo fun! Thank you ladies at SITS!

love, Irene 


Toia said...

There's nothing like the blast from the past when it comes to blogging. Thanks for sharing!!

Stephanie said...

Sometimes it is really fun to look back isn't it? Have a great week!

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