Saturday, 6 October 2012

20 Little Things I like about Fall

In my previous life as an Interior Designer, I used to browse every single day Melissa's blog, The Inspired Room.
She's got the balance between beautiful pictures, interesting and practical text and a personal touch just right and that keeps you hooked on her posts. Melissa has just put up an Embracing Fall meme and I can only join in the fum.{I like memes cause they help me focus on the good stuff}.

My 20 Little Things list
{ta da!..}

Source Unknown - Etsy?

1. Fresh air. After all the summer heat, I am grateful for a breeze of fragrant fresh air.


2.Cardigans. Colourful and forgiving, they extend my summer wardrobe well into the Autumn.

Source unknown

3.Salon hair. Summer heat calls for DIY wash and go hair. Just before Winter humidity settles, Autumn is the perfect time for some polishing.


4.Chocolate season begins. Fresh enough to keep chocolate from melting on your fingers and sticking on the keyboard ;)

Barneys Womens Designer from Barneys The Window on Vimeo.

5.Shop displays. Warm browns and oranges, greens and rich textures.


6.Fall catalogues. A feast, a daydream, an occasion to shop my closet and update my look.
7.Shop the new IKEA catalogue. Looove!

Lilly Pulitzer
8.Stationery. For my kids...and me!
9.The perfume of new books.


10. American friends posting about pumpkins and autumn stuff.

The White Company

11. Lighting candles. Cinnamon, nutmeg, spice..
12.Pumpkins. I love their shape and colours.

Source Unknown

13.Caramel. My colour and texture of choice.

Source Unknown

14.Sipping tea.

The White Company

15.Comforters and duvets. Nothing like snuggling under the duvet :)

Parade's End

16.New TV programmes on public TV. Downton Abbey, Parade's End, Borgen, Upstairs-Downstairs and Call the Midwife. Looking forward to TV dates.

Susan Branch

17.I am an Autumn, colourwise, so Autumn colours suit me best! (Can you believe it, Susan Branch, one of my favorite artists is an Autumn, too! Happy coincidence!)
18.New photo opportunities. We are in a new city, so let's have some fun!
19.An opportunity to change around my blog.
20.Time to meet and connect with friends and family, and that includes you :)

Want to play along?
Join us here and Have Fun!

  love, Irene

1 comment:

demie said...

These are some wonderful stuff Irene!
Although Ihave always loved summer, autumn here in Norway bring all those things you are mentioning. I adore the colours around me : )

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