Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Celebrating the Golden Age:Furniture from Portugal

If some decor pieces are jewellery, then Boca do Lobo’s furniture is the crown jewel.

Their talented designers and masterful artisans have launched some highly desirable new statement pieces that would bring a touch of luxury to many a modern home.

 Look at this one of-a-kind folding screen. It's like a bracelet, isn't it. Or perhaps pebbles picked off the beach and painted Sun golden.

I love his sunburst mirror.

This is definitively my favorite piece from their new collection. Such a fun interpetation of classical furniture.

No colour expresses more power and luxury than Gold. 

Portuguese furniture brand Boca do Lobo stands for timelessness, quality and craftsmanship, and has developed into an internationally renowned designer label over the past years. The furniture is made at Boca do Lobo’s factory in Oporto, where furniture makers take great care to ensure aesthetic and functional applicability, paying close attention to traditional craftsmanship and quality. To ensure the best possible results, a great deal of the manufacturing is still done by hand.

 Invest in Gold and experience the sense of the regal that comes with it.
 It will always be classic and luxurious.

See more at the Boca do Lobo website.

  love, Irene

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