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Guest Post: Anya Sarre:Outfits you can wear on a date in the wintertime

Baby, it's cold outside!  That doesn't mean you have to look frumpy, though.  In fact, wintertime is the best time to showcase your personal style, because there are truly endless possibilities and pairings!  And we're going to let you in on a red-carpet secret for looking stylish at the last minute.
Ready?  It's simple.  Plan ahead!  By planning your outfits ahead of time, you ensure that your outfit looks flattering and stylish, and is comfortable too.  This means you can concentrate on enjoying yourself.  A smiling face is always the best accessory, after all--especially on a date.  
Here are some fun ideas for winter outfits that will have you feeling festive and happy in no time, whether you're getting ready for an evening of ice skating, cuddling, or a chilly walk in the park.  Remember, these are just suggestions.  Always wear what makes you feel good!
It's really no secret that men love dresses, so a dress or a skirt is always a good bet on a date.  Of course, dresses require a little more effort than they do in the summer, because you don't want your legs to get cold!  Wear cute stockings, tall socks, or even leggings under your dress for extra warmth, and pair with a pair of sleek boots to look like a tall glass of ultra-cool.  Shoes like high-heeled Mary Janes or even edgy wedge booties take your look in a whole other direction-the possibilities are endless!  Just make sure to match your purse, and shrug on a cozy sweater.  
Test-drive your outfit to make sure the sweater doesn't make your hair stand on end with static electricity. You might want to wear a cute slip under your dress, too, so that it doesn't catch on your hosiery.  Remember, you want to put on your outfit-and then forget all about it, except for when someone is telling you how adorable you look!
A close-fitting long sleeved shirt in a soft, touch-me fabric like jersey or cashmere looks laid-back cool with your favorite jeans.  This is perfect when you're trying to turn your best friend into your boyfriend.  You don't want to look as if you put any effort into getting ready--you just want him to sigh when he looks at you!  Comfortable heels will make your legs look a million miles long.  Just make sure to choose a pair you can walk in, in case you guys decide to hang out extra late.  Round toed kitten heels are a cute pairing, as are ankle booties.  Splash out with a pair of fantastic hoop earrings, and pull the top of your hair back with a cute barrette or two.  Don't forget to top it all with a cute coat, like a pea jacket or a trench coat.  Now you're ready for whatever the chilly night might bring.    
When you're putting your outfit together, remember to think of the shape of the whole look so that your accessories don't overpower you.  If you're wearing something slim, you might want to choose a small clutch rather than a great big bag.  Conversely, if you're wearing a slouchy sweater and wide-leg corduroys, a slouchy bag will look right at home slung across your shoulder.

Have a great time, and remember the most important ingredient of any outfit is: You.

About Anya Sarre

My name is Anya Sarre and I am a stylist with ShoeDazzle, where I work alongside other celebrity stylists like Kim Kardashian!
 Not too long ago I welcomed my first child into the world; he is truly my little bundle of joy! I have been regularly featured in print magazines and on television—Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, and the STYLE network to name a few, but I’m in the process of transitioning the majority of my time, advice, and knowledge to online communities like yours so I can spend more time with my son at home. 

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