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Guest post: How To Create The Perfect Dinning Set

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Adding to my dear Guest Post friends, I am welcoming today William Robinson, an antique enthusiast, with a post on Choosing the Perfect Dining Set.

Selecting the right dining room set for your home can be a difficult endeavour. You want something that will last and that looks beautiful; however, there is often a budget to follow.

Consider the Size

1920's Specimen Marble Table

Imagine finding a special table with just the right colour and finish only to discover that it doesn't fit in the room upon delivery. Be sure to measure the room properly or else you could wind up in this unpleasant situation. You also need to account for chair space, as well as space that the chairs can back into as the person rises from the seat. Don't forget about china cabinets, buffets and any other furniture you'd like to eventually add. Let's say that you have your eye on a table that might be a bit too big for the room. Consider switching the dining room with a larger room so that you can purchase the table.

Find the Store

Pair Of Chrome Tripod Lamps

Once you have the measurements ready to go, decide where you will shop for the table. General furniture stores provide an array of styles, but you can also visit specialty shops that have antique pieces or country chic pieces to craft your personal vision. Additionally, shopping online allows you to input exactly what you want into a search engine or to browse thousands of different designs from the comfort of your home. When you're on a strict budget, see if any friends of yours are selling tables, or look on websites with sales or check around town for any garage sales and second hand shops. Don’t be afraid to haggle if you have found a table that suits your style and purpose.

Select a Style

Antique Set of 8 Mahogany Chippendale Design Dining Chairs

Now that you've focused in on a vision, you can choose your design. Maybe you want a traditional wooden table, or perhaps you plan to opt for one made with some wrought iron parts. If you have only a tiny space, consider a folding table so that you can put it away when necessary. Many dining room tables come with leaves, so they are expandable. When it's just your immediate family, the table is perfect for four; however, when the holidays come around, you can expand the table to fit all of the grandparents and the cousins.

Colours and Decor

Art Deco Walnut Dressing Table with Mirror

Consider the colour palette of your dining room walls. Oaky, wood tables create an everlasting autumn feel with orange walls, whereas a black table brings back flavours of the past with walls that are painted a dusty rose. Add a glass top table and place some stunning silverware on it for a look that truly brings out the modern vibe. It may take a bit of time to find the perfect table and craft the dining room of your dreams. However, once you are finished, you will be able to look back and relish in the beautiful results.

Author Bio:
William Robinson is an antique enthusiast and spends much of his time researching historical periods and styles that interest him for use in modern interior design. He currently works for LovedayAntiques who are an antique dealer in London specialising in antique wooden furniture, Art Deco, modern paintings and sculptures.

All photos by Loveday Antiques

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