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Guest Post: Mirror Wardrobes - Smart Choice For Small Spaces

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Today I am glad to welcome Eva Stephen.
In her own words:

"Hi Happy Turtle Deco fans. I am Eva Stephen and I write for Shop 4 Furniture. Many thanks to my host Irene who gave me a chance to be guest on her blog. With the growing economic pressures, many of us are forced to live in reduced spaces. But it doesn't really mean reduced style. I feel it is good to think about space saving ideas and things that keep style as well. I hope my content about mirror wardrobes help you to save spaces even being stylish. You may see me at Google+ and @EvaStephen1."

If you take a look at some mirror wardrobe vendors’ selection, you’ll see names like: Manhattan, Ruby, Jazz, Charizma, Las Vegas, Bella, etc. The names are not surprising. Mirror wardrobes bring a sense of glamour that “ordinary” closets can hardly match.

Positive aspects of mirror wardrobes

Though the advantages of mirror wardrobes are more visible in small spaces, there is absolutely no reason not to have them in large bedrooms.

First of all, mirror wardrobes are incredibly practical. If you are in the habit of leaving your home and meeting people, whether they are your co-workers or your friends, you probably need a large viewing mirror. Instead of planning a separate corner where you would put it, you can have it right on your closet door. This way you’re saving some space and you’re keeping the mirror exactly where you need it. As soon as you get dressed, you can check whether you are happy with the result, and if not, you can immediately change. Obviously, the closer your mirror is to the wardrobe, the better.

Another great space-saving aspect of wardrobe mirrors is the mirror’s reflection, which gives the appearance of another room residing in your bedroom. Even if you have a very small room, it will visually be twice the size.

 Also, if there is not enough light in the room, placing a wardrobe mirror opposite the window can greatly improve lighting and visibility in that space.

Size does matter

Obviously, it makes a lot of difference whether your closet is a narrow, one-door wardrobe, or if it is spread across the whole wall. Sometimes the size of the bedroom will dictate the size of your wardrobe, but sometimes you have to rely on your good taste.

Though your mirror wardrobe can open up the space and give it an appearance of a much larger room, that’s not good enough if you practically have to stumble around to pass from one end to the other. Make sure your bedroom furniture is not suffocating you.

Modern mirror wardrobe trends

Whether you have a small or a large bedroom, a mirror wardrobe will equally give it a sophisticated look. Of course, not all designs are the same. If you took great care to decorate your home in a vintage style, you’d certainly try to maintain that trend in your bedroom. Wooden frame and an oval mirror shape could be a good choice.

If you are into experimenting with geometrical shapes, you can have the wardrobe door broken up into several different-shaped mirrors, which would give your wardrobe a very glam appearance.

For a clean modern look, you can choose between metal, steel, enameled, simply black or silver frames.

If you like to experiment, there are tinted mirrors that come in different colours and give your bedroom a very chic look.

What to consider when buying a mirror wardrobe

Just like everything else in the house, you’ll have to clean your sophisticated mirror closet. The least you can do when searching for the right wardrobe is to choose according to quality of the mirror’s surface. Make sure it is durable, difficult to scratch and that it doesn’t stain easily. Also, don’t mix styles that don’t go together. Consider the rest of your home and shop for your mirror wardrobe accordingly.

I hope you found Eva's post useful. It certainly includes some great tips to encourage us to see our space under new light.

Let us know how you applied Eva's ideas, and Thank You Eva for sharing your ideas with us!

love, Irene 

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