Monday, 21 January 2013

My Athenian Weekends-January

Goodmorning, dear friends,

I know I am blessed with one of the most beautiful mornings one can see from a window, that of the Acropolis. Its golden glow, different at all times of the day and night is just amazing.

Since we moved to Athens, we have been spending every weekend with my in-laws. It is so stramge how our lives change, our moods shift and once this shift happens everything falls into place and is as it was meant to be.

Soft and fragrant in a grammy hugging way, my mother-in-laws blankets have nothing fancy or modern, they are worn in places , but they smell divine. They are not machine washable but they get an almost ritual wash at the end of the winter and are kept tidily wrapped till the first cold winds of November blow.
At moments like these there is no place in the whole wide world I wouuld rather be.

In my garden, following a few days of rain and wind, the sun came out and the roses are getting new leaves.
I got a pair of pink UGG-style boots, all fleecy and cozy. Funny, my daughter has them in brown but I was smitten by pink.

At an one-day trip to our fome town of fifteen years, I found this, my favorite skirt ever. It is a deep emerald green doubled silk embroidered with pink flowers. I put it on on Saturday and went for coffee-to-go with my sweetheart. I managed to spill some of it on the skirt so I washed it in the woolen circle and it came out nicely. Yummy relief!

This lemon tree is just across my kitchen door. I look at it almost every day. lemon are ripening so slowly and i am thrilled to see them turn a beautiful yellow.
Can you see a little green one popping out , too?

Wishing you a beautiful, blessed week,
love, Irene

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

It looks beautiful! No matter how many political issues are afoot, I hope that people will still come visit our beautiful country. they will love it and the people can use the boost, I think.

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