Monday, 28 January 2013

Royal style-Everyday chic

I like women who are classy, a touch individualistic and always put together. I like women who know how to dress for every occasion and according to their function and age.
The pictures I picked today illustrate my point.
I chose royalty because I believe that one of the reasons for having a royal family is to have them serve as an example to the people. Providing stability to the State and controlling the deeds of the government are tops in my list.

This is Laurentien of the Netherlands.
She is visiting a school in The Hague, where she read to the children as part of a program to encourage the love of books and reading.

This is the Swedish royal family.
Pictured are from left to right Princess Christina, Queen Silvia, King Carl Gustav and Crown Princess Victoria.
I like the way Queen Silvia is put together. Classic two pieces, in a fresh colour that suits her complexion. Prncess Victoria's dress code is also appropriate because at her age we all want to look more grown up and gain respect. Plus there is talk of the king abdicating in favor of her, so it's a yes, too.

Queens do get to wear their clothes more than once.
Queen Silvia does!
Here she is visiting the national employment agency in Stockholm.

I like kids who are kids.
I absolutely love this photo of Princess Alexandra of Norway with her father and grandfather.
Ingrid is a sweet, happy, beautiful nine year old girl. Lovely.

All images via here.

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