Saturday, 9 February 2013

"Aerin": Aerin Lauder's delightful new venture

I have used Clinique products all of my life.
I started with the 3-step program when I was 14 and I have grown with it.
 I have enjoyed all of their products, I have loved their travel size editions and their make up is just fantastic.
I didn't move to the Estee Lauder line after 40, although I wore the most perfect pink and creamy lipstick ever by Estee on my wedding day.
I love family businesses , big and small. It means a continuity in quality standards. It also is about trust in purchasing something stylish that will have me covered in every way.
So, I was thrilled to see that Estee's great grand daughter, Aerin, has launched her very own line of cosmetics, and a lovely website with information and pictures on the Lauders' stylish world.
There is also a line of objets for the home and some brand new accessories, namely slingbacjks, in time for Spring.
My favorite product would have to be the rose hand and body cream,
but I also love Aerin's spring palette.
I adored watching Ms. Lauder present her venture herself.

In the words of her friend Michael Kors, "Aerin continues the legacy of stylish American women like C.Z. Guest and Jackie O., who combine the idea of simplicity and luxury with an eye toward quality and timelessness."

Read more: Aerin Lauder's Closet Confidential - Harper's BAZAAR

Find out more in the Aerin website.
I wish to Thank Aerin for letting us save and share her photos. After all, Estee was the first businesswoman who understood and put into use the importance of free samples.

love, Irene


Stephanie said...

I've tried much of the new line and it's beautiful. Great, wearable colors and they wear well too!

Irene said...

Good to know! It is so good to enjoy your investments!

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