Friday, 15 February 2013

How to organize and print a year's worth of pictures

Do you have shoe boxes full of photographs? Do you daydream about organizing them in beautiful books with the perfect caption written in calligraphy undrneath?
Digital is even worse. There are thousands of photographs that we are afraid might go missing in cyberspace that we never get around puting into print.
Well, the other day i found and I am sharing it here with you, the most perfect, down to earth, understanding tutorial on how to organize your photos step by step.

Find the full tutorial at

love, Irene

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Stephanie said...

I have to say, photos are one area where I am up to date. I always printed and put them in books, by date, but now I use digital photo albums that I have printed at Blurb and I love them. I even get the digital copy for my ipad and I have three years of photos at my fingertips. Great ideas here!!

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