Monday, 25 February 2013

Michelle Obama's new style

Official portrait. Dress by Reed Krakoff .

As we slowly move our stuff from our old house and town to Athens, I find all kinds of little things I once treasured. And you know what? I still do!

After the frustration of "why did I bother buying this", the self-pitty and the guilt, I begin to give what once gave me smiles and happiness, a second chance.

A few days ago the kids found some memorabilia from President Obama's 2009 inauguration. I felt again the thrill of the election results, the hope that a new era, a "Yes, we can" time would rise above the US and why not, all of the world.

Inaugural ball gown by Jason Wu.

A beaker, a ruller, you get the picture. I might take a shot and "show and tell" you.

The other day I saw Mrs. O on TV. Do you like her new look? Me, hmm...yes and no. I kind of like her during the first term.

But then, I'm a conservative ;-)

As I am looking at her new look, because I can tell better by seeing her closer on the web, I found these pictures of her and the President that I like. Yeah, I think she grows in my tastes.

Much, much more confident, I think.
What do you think?

All images with thanks to Mrs.O.

love, Irene

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