Sunday, 3 March 2013

Moments in March

There must be something about March that makes us look around for inspiration and ideas for the coming season of lightness and warmth.
As I was going through my archives I discovered some lovely houses I've shown you over the years.

There is this All Natural House from March 2008
Then this Barbie-girl villa from March 2009
On March 2010 I wrote about how to arrange pictures in an attractive and professional way.
And in 2012 I have shown you Trina Turk's Californian home. Amazing.
But March isn't only about our homes.
It's also about our own fresh starts.
In March 2011 we travelled to Antwerpen and Paris. It was our last trip abroad so far, but there is hope, there is hope, dear ol' Mary Poppins.
(And if you are wandering, yes, those glasses from Urban Outfitters came home with me!)
Same year, 2011, I also wrote a post called
I talk music and films, and love.
A bientot, amies.
Have a lovely week ahead. 

love, Irene

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