Thursday, 16 May 2013

somewhat on the softer side

These days I am in a funny little mood. 
Softening is what I can call it at best. 
Nesting, perhaps.

Does it have to do with the stars? With my being a 40something, now?
Does it have to do with having two young ladies in the row, ready to fly from the nest, so to speak?

We are on the lookout for a new house. 
I am not quite sure I want to leave. I'd rather fix than abandon, these days. 
Quite unike myself. Am I getting more mature or more lazy?

I am also more of an urbanite, now. 
I think my ideas of farming have somewhat been on a recess. 
I think I can manage containers. 

Little bites of good stuff. 
That's what life is all about for me right now.


{All picture credits on my Pinterest boards}

love, Irene

1 comment:

annechovie said...

Hello Irene!
I think what you described hapens to most of us as we mellow and become more comfortable with who we are. You are a lovely person and it comes through in your writing. Hope all is well xo

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