Monday, 3 June 2013

An American Dream Home in Cape Cod

This morning I went with my eldest for a quick shopping trip. She needed a pair of trousers, as she had ended up her youngest brother's old pair that no longer fitted. Anyhow. In the shop I saw me a lovely t-shirt with a stamp that read Cape Cod. As I am a good mother, I didn't buy the t-shirt, but invested in a cotton dress and jacket for my eldest who, I think deserves any penny for all her efforts.
 ( I did see a lovely rope bracelet, too. sigh!)

The next best thing is to look for real Cape Cod and All-American summer homes
even better
to share them here on my blog. 
This is my favorite.
Fairview is one of the most spectacular properties in Woods Hole and arguably on the whole east coast.


I love sunny and airy and beautiful views. 
What is your mood?

love, Irene

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