Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Greek Homes: Mani I

Greek traditional architecture is utilitarian.
 It is in constant dialogue with nature and the the environment and it responds to people's real needs.
However, it bursts with charm and good taste.
It corresponds a feeling of clean lines and comfort, a joy of living and a freedom to move or stay according to one's needs and desires. 
This renovated traditional house is situated in 
Doloi, Mani, The Peloponnese,Southern Greece.
Materials salvaged and bought from deserted local homes.
Architects: Aiolou, Greece

love, Irene


Stephanie said...

Every time I hear the name "mani" I think of that old song - "Sthn Criti kai sthn Mani". Lovely home. We aren't going to make it to Greece this year - the airfare from here to Athens and then to the island is almost $8000 right now. And I miss it so!

Irene said...

Is it that expensive? Sad!
Well, I'll tell you what. What reminds you most of the island? I'll send you some olives and sardines to make a Greek party at home ;-)

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