Friday, 23 August 2013

IKEA 2014- my picks

The 2014 IKEA catalogue will be distributed in Greece starting August 28. However, the Swedish and English versions are on-line.
This is so fun!
Simple and fun.
This is my favorite room of the catalogue. I love the roomy sofa,its velvety green, the books, ah, of course, and that armchair could certainly find its place in my house! Don't you just love greens in front of the window?
I like the fireplace nook defined by rugs and the two cushy chairs.
I have this pendant light in our House in the North and I'm considering bringing them over here.
This room is styled so chic! Worthy of a Carrie walk in closet!
Dilemas ... I love both these styles. Which one to pick?
I like this modern flowery rug.
The yellow rug is so stylish, too.
All three styles are my cup of tea.
Have you received your catalogue, yet?
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