Monday, 26 August 2013

Monday Happy Deco

I love the work of Anna Spiro.
 It's so fresh and inspiring, full of life and optimism and yet discreet and elegant.
No one mixes prints and colours like her!
This photo sums up her style beautifully. 

Have a lovely week!

 photo SigmaUpsilonGammaKappaEpsilonNuTauRho62013-SigmaChiOmicronLambdaEpsilonIotaOmicron_zps0ebcd821.png


AskMsKatherine said...

I wish I was able to hire her for my patio in Greece.

AskMsKatherine said...

Beautiful indeed!

I wish I could hire her for my patio in our summer home in Greece.

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