Saturday, 21 September 2013


Artist: Unknown

And so, the time has come to say Goodbye to this house.
Am I happy? Do I want to get moving?
Yes , I do. 
It has been some time now that we have outgrown this place. 
Things change and we have to adapt. 
So tomorrow we pack and with God;s grace, next week will find us in our new home. 
I want to put together a post about this house.
Because it was old and neglected and we came from our home where everything was put together we thought and care, this house was a blank canvas for me. 
This helped in the transitional months since moving  here.
I took the freedom to play with all that I had, and I am pleased with the result. 
We entertained quite a lot. 
I enjoyed hanging clothes on the line. 
And being part of the neihborhood life. 

Bon Weekend, then. 
I hope you enjoy this Autumn weekend with your loved ones.


The Happy Turtle

P.S. You've probably seen that I have changed my template for the nth time and lost all my sidebar widgets ;-)
New Beginnings!

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